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Check out  some of our bigger sponsors, other organiztions we support or partner with and then some general odds and ends for your perusal.

Click on image for a Veteran Testimonial

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Veterans and Humana

Humana is on a mission to serve as a trusted source for addressing health-related social needs of veterans and their families. Honoring and serving veterans is at the core of this work. There is an identified civil-military divide, only 18 percent of veteran families feel that the general public understands their sacrifices. Humana’s National Veteran Bold Goal effort aims to support communities in bridging the gap between civilian and military life, striving to be the connectors, conveners, and catalysts for change in the space of improving Healthy Days for veterans and their families.


Founded in 2008, This public garden is dedicated to the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who sacrificed so much to gallantly serve and protect our great nation. The garden is maintained by Branson community volunteers and is funded solely by donations.  Click the logo to visit their website

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