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If you are looking for rewarding volunteer opportunities you are in the right place! The Task Force needs your help to serve and honor Veterans and their families.


Branson Veterans Task Force Needs You

If you are interested in serving, honoring, and recognizing veterans and their families we have volunteer opportunities to do just that!

You can sign up to be a volunteer for anything or you can also be more specific as to events or what time you have.

Below you will find descriptions of some of our volunteer opportunities.

Just click on the "Register to Volunteer" Buttons to join our volunteer team

We will contact you to find more about your availability and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you in advance!

911 Ceremony

This event is held at the Branson Landing annually and we can always use help in the marketing, set-up and tear down.

Veterans Village

This is our largest event of the year and takes many volunteers to make happen.

Our volunteers help run the mess hall, the Day Room, assist Vendors, help in Registration, manage waste disposal, take monies for raffles, and more.

This event runs for six consecutive days and whether you have all week, one day, or one hour we can use your help.  Your service is greatly appreciated by the thousands of veterans and their families who attend this event!

Rose Petal Ceremony

This event honors women veterans and takes place during Veterans week, usually on or about Nov 9th.  Help is always needed in planning and marketing, obtaining supplies, decorating, and overall setting up and tearing down this event.

Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony

Annually on December 7th, we can use help with planning and marketing, setting up managing and tearing down this event.  Beginning last year we execute this event inside the Clay Cooper Theater.

We Need Your Support

Here is how you can help:


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

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